Friday, January 14, 2011

KTM – Audi Roadster

rjmr8n KTM   Audi Roadster

Although Bertrand Bach’s vision of an Audi Motorcycle never found it’s way to production, it seems that a reverse version of that idea may very well be on its way, and sooner than you think.

According to Austrian newspaper, “Kleine Zeitung”, Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM and AUDI are joining forces to bring an all new roadster on the market. The project is said to not be strictly official, but to “have the sympathy” of Audi boss Dr Winterkorn. KTM boss Stefan Pierer has already confirmed these plans in a radio interview earlier this year.

“We want to create a car inspired from motorcycles, an open roadster, with no front window”, stated Pierer. “Where will it be built? It is not decided yet. There are many possibilities. Magna is surely a possible partner, as it can handle the approximately 300 units per year that we want to sell”

KTM roadster’s role model will be the legendary Lotus Super Seven, but with all the characteristics of a motorcycle. Weighing in at just 700kg (a little bit over 1,500 pounds), the specifications point to track-only car. Its KTM-developed structure may be classified as a motorcycle rather than a car, demanding that occupants wear a helmet. However, unlike the Volkswagen GX3 prototype seen at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, it will have four, rather than three, wheels.
The newspaper notes that the powertrain will come from Audi, possibly the 1.4 TSI that combines high output (170 hp) with a low weight. The world premiere of the roadster could take place even as soon as the Bologna Motor Show at the end of 2006, although it is more possible for it to debut at the 2007 Geneva Show with production following in forthcoming months.

rjmkn7 KTM   Audi Roadster

rjmkiq KTM   Audi Roadster


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