Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Suzuki Crosscage & Biplane Concepts – Tokyo Preview

Carscoop SUZK MTRC 0 Suzuki Crosscage & Biplane Concepts   Tokyo Preview

We’re quite fine thank you, meaning we haven’t mixed our socks with our underwear -yet… The Tokyo Show isn’t only about cars; it also hosts motorcycle and commercial vehicle premiers. Suzuki on its behalf will show off two motorcycle concepts, the Crosscage and the Biplane. We found a Japanese teaser press release on both concepts but it didn’t make much sense so we can only tell you that the Crosscage uses fuel-cells while the Biplane, which incorporates a V4 engine, draws its inspiration from airplanes.

Translated Press Release

It is the fuel cell car which can do optimum power control by combining the air cooled fuel cell system and the advanced accumulator of simple small size light weight. Starting which fuel economy efficiency is fast low, the intelligent energy corporation of feature (England) make adopted the thing to fuel cell unit, in addition it was safe in the accumulator and the lithium ion electric battery whose environmental load is low was adopted. Not only not applying load, being simple in terrestrial environment, from the fact that it is small size lightweight, it has contributed to also the actualization of the sporty style which the sea bass seems

Carscoop SUZK MTRC 8 Suzuki Crosscage & Biplane Concepts   Tokyo Preview


The request that was included, you feel the enjoyment of the motorcycle in many people, would like to have having interest in the motorcycle ” “the design proposition model which designates the joy of running by the motorcycle” as shape” is. You propose in order to have representing the common feeling which is felt from the vehicle where “, it designates the kind of image which is riding the airplane” as keyword, calls the motorcycle and the airplane and is different completely. Although it is the machine, the bosom which makes tenderness feel it forced and “the biplane” (bi- the plainness) designated modelling as design motif, it expressed the open impression of not being covered in the canopy. The engine has designed V type 4-cylinder engine in vertical ranging.

Carscoop SUZK MTRC 7 Suzuki Crosscage & Biplane Concepts   Tokyo Preview


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